Observation Types

Now you can create and manage custom observation types, which can be used in addition to the built-in observation types in Panacea.
Custom observation types allow you to define the name, measurement units, normal high and low measures for the observation, as illustrated below.

Adding custom consultation types to the consult couldn't be easier - just click the '+' at the bottom of the Objective Observations section (of the edit consultation screen) and choose the require observation type from the drop-down list:

Check out the custom observation types user guide article for instructions on creating and managing custom observation types.

Recording Observations Outside of the Consult

Observations can now be recorded and viewed from the patient screen.  This is really handy if you want to record obs either before a consult has been opened (such as during check-in) or even if you're not planning on opening one at all.

This feature also allows you to enter a date, time and notes for the observation.  This is great for entering previous observations after the fact.

From the patient screen, simply click the 'Observations' tab, select the observation type you want to enter and then click the green '+' to add a new observation.

Observation Charts

 Observation charts allow you to view historical values for any observation types.  This is really handy for viewing a patients weight over time, for example.

Observation charts are displayed on the 'Observations' tab of the patient screen.  You can also view that patients weight history from the 'edit consultation' screen by clicking on the weight value on patients weight from the patient information bar, as illustrated below:

The remainder of this section describes accessing observation charts from the Observations tab of the patient screen.  Select the relevant observation type from the drop-down list.
Observation charts are displayed by default in a table view, as below.

You can enter a date range if you want to display only values taken between specified dates.

Click 'CHART' to view the observation values as a line chart, as illustrated below.

Reopening Closed Consultations

Admin users can now re-open closed consultations by clicking on the red padlock - this appears in the Consultations screen (as below) and in the 'view consultation' screen.

Custom Reminder Frequencies

In addition to allowing you select standard reminder frequencies (such as daily, weekly, yearly, etc.), you can now choose your own custom reminder frequencies using any combination of years, months and days.
Note that custom reminder frequencies apply to recurring reminders only - just use the relevant boxes to set the custom frequency, as illustrated below.

File Categories

You can now create categories for files, such as 'Lab Results', 'Clinical Photos' and 'Xrays'.  Great for keeping all of those files organised!

Side Menu Tweaks

We've tweaked the side menu to make it a bit easier to navigate.  Groups and categories for all element types (e.g. clients, consultations, files, products, etc.) are now all accessed via the 'Groups and Categories' menu option.
Sales settings, including taxes, dispensing fees and payment methods, are now accessed under the Sales menu option.

Miscellaneous Improvements

So much good stuff:

  • Added drag and drop ordering for stocktakes and stock orders.

  • Added a feature to prevent accidental duplication of items on stocktakes and stock orders

  • Added a new feature that prevents action buttons from accidentally being clicked twice in rapid succession

  • Added auto-focus for 'edit/new' forms - makes it easier to enter data without touching the mouse.

  • Added day of week to 'Person' and 'Room' views in the clinic schedule.

  • Made patient name more prominent and visible on printed consultation notes.

Bug Fixes

We've also been busy squashing bugs:

  • Fixed dashboard ordering (by schedule tile)

  • Fixed an issue with removing CC/BCC values from templates

  • Fixed a problem with display of some reminder template variables

  • Fixed issue with display of dashboard info (incorrectly filtering by user/clinic)

  • Fixed issue with booking timezone for self-service bookings

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