At Panacea our mission is to make vets more successful.  Clinically and commercially.
Key to our mission is automating repetitive tasks to make your clinic more efficient and to maximise operational consistency.

Product Reminders

This is why we obsess over things like automated reminders.  We work really hard to make reminders flexible and powerful, while remaining easy to use.

With this in mind we have been slaving over the development of Panacea's product reminders functionality and we really hope you like the result of all of our hard work.

With Panacea's new Product Reminders functionality you can link any number of reminder templates to any product or service.  This is excellent for automating and improving post-procedure client communication and patient care.  It also provides a powerful reminders engine to help you maximise repeat business and ongoing sales.

Other Enhancements in This Version

  • Consultation History Export - You can now export the consultation history for a given client or patient to a single PDF file.  Simply filter the consultation history by date range (if required) and click 'Export'.

  • Improved Cash-up Report - We've made a few tweaks to improve the layout and to make the cash-up report easier to understand.

  • Added Offset to Reminder Templates - You can now specify that reminders occur either before (for appointments only) or after the triggering event (such as a sale).

  • Opening Closed or Cancelled Appointments - Admins can now re-open appointments that have been closed or cancelled.

  • Patient Listed in Account Payments Screen - Patient name is now listed next to each invoice in the Account Payments screen.

  • Fixes for to layouts and resizing windows for Safari users

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