It's been a while since our last release and our developers have been working hard (in their darkened room - we don't often let them out) to bring you something special.  We hope you like it!

New and Improved!

Here's a list of improvements and bug fixes in version 3.75 - 100% of which are based on the valuable feedback from you, our treasured customers:

  • New handouts and handout template functionality (see below).  Now you can produce professional, customised handouts in a flash.  Oh so easy!

  • Handouts can be linked to products, so Panacea will automatically create a handout each time a given product (or service) is sold to a client.  The handout will be automatically attached to the client and patient record.

  • Document layout templates.  You're now in control of the layout of your document templates, rather than having to use default Panacea ones.

  • Drug label templates.  You're now also in complete control of your drug label layouts.

  • A new 'Paragrah Style' menu option in the document and template editor.  This lets you select and apply a paragraph style, including ALL CAPS for shouting, with just a couple of mouse clicks.  You can also now create border-less tables in your documents and templates.

  • A new analytics report - 'Consultations'.  Provides breakdown of consultations by category over a specified date range.

  • You can now filter product sales and stock reports by product group and category.

  • Pop-up information now available for clients and patients just hover over the 'eye' icon next to their name.

  • Pop-up information now available for appointments in the scedule.  Just single-click the appointment.  Very handy for grabbing client phone numbers without having to open the client record!

  • New Communication Template Variables have been added to be used with stock order templates, allowing you to automatically insert information such as supplier name, order number and due date into your stock order templates.

  • You can now email files that are attached to any record (i.e. client, patient, consultation, etc.) - simply click the paper plane icon to send it without having to download it first.

  • Want to send a quick email to your client?  Simply click their email address (in the client record) and the 'email send' form will pop up.
    Remember that Panacea is not designed to store outgoing emails or receive replies, so you should always set a 'From' address and consider either 'CC'ing' or 'BCC'ing' your clinic mailbox.  Set this up in a template so you don't have to re-enter these addresses every time.

  • After adding a new client you now land in the 'view' screen for that client, rather than back in the 'Clients' view.  This is more intuitive than before, as you can now add an associated patient record without having to first find the client you just created.

Bug Fixes

Bugs make our developers so mad.  Here are the ones they've swatted since the last release (yes, we do say 'Fixed!' silently to ourselves as we read each one):

  • Product name hyperlink was not working in Product Sales report

  • Client title (salutation) could not be set to 'None' once an option had been selected.  Also applies to consultation categories.

  • Product groups and categories would unexpectedly open in a new tab.

  • Patient 'Species' drop-down menu was not in alphabetical order.

  • Client and patient pictures were being stretched vertically for some files.

  • Product reminders attached to consults would create a duplicate, suspended reminder.

  • Customers were sometimes receiving an error when printing stocktakes.

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