Santa's little elves have been busy this year, coding away to bring the good boys and girls a bunch of new features that we think you're going to love.

Let's see what Santa has in his sack:

Address Lookup/Auto-complete

As you type addresses into Panacea it will attempt to auto-complete the entry using Google's massive map database.  This not only speeds up data entry, but also helps to reduce errors and improve the accuracy of addresses in your database.  

Panacea will automatically present addresses based on the country selected for the address - your local country by default.  So cool!

Staff Sales Performance Report

Lets you quickly and easily view staff sales performance for any period you specify.  You can view results for all staff or filter by vets or non-vets.  As with all reports, you can also export the report to PDF with a single click.

Product Sales History

Now you can view the sales history for any product simply by clicking on the 'Sales' tab of the product screen. 

Stocking Stuffers (Other Tweaks and Improvements)

  • Date is now editable on invoices.  Perfect if you want to either back-date an invoice or raise an invoice ahead of time.

  • Date is also now editable on payments as you apply them to sale.  Very useful if you've taken earlier payment from the customer and want to reflect the correct payment date in Panacea.

  • Category added for all files stored on Panacea.  Lets you categorise and organise all files associated with clients and patients, for example.

  • Panacea now remembers the previously selected user and room when creating new appointments, sales or consultations.

Bug Fixes

In this release we also fix bugs that were:

  • Affecting layout in Chrome and Safari

  • Resulting in incorrect tab selection under certain circumstances

  • Affecting the sorting of sale items, user schedules and room schedule

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