This release has been a while in the making.  Let's see what our developers have been working on!

Sales List

You can now expand sales from within the sales list to see the contents of the sale.  You no longer have to open each sale to see what was in it!
The double angle bracket at the top of the list lets you expand all records with one click.

Export to CSV and PDF

You can now export most lists to a 'comma separated values' (CSV) file.  Additionally you can export the Clients, Patients, Products and Reminders lists to PDF.
Just click the 'export' button at the top right of the list, select the format (CSV or PDF) and click 'Export'
If exporting to CSV you will be prompted to choose the columns you want to export.


Consultations are now also expandable, so you can view the contents of each consult without having to open it.

This also works when viewing the consult history of a patient using the 'Consultations' view from the patient record.

You can now also expand the list of previous consultations at the bottom of the consulation screen, meaning you no longer have to open the consultation records individually to view patient history.


The new 'auto populate' button allows you to auto-populate products in your stocktake (otherwise they have to be added manually one by one).


You can now filter the product list to display only products that are classified as either drugs or not drugs.  Just look for the 'Type' filter at the top of the product list.
You can also filter products based on whether they're active or inactive.
All products now have a new 'Orders' tab that lets you view all orders for that product based on the date range you select.

Reporting Performance Improvements

These changes are all under the hood, but we've made big improvements in the performance and scalability of reporting functionality. 

Patient Records

Patient ages are now displayed in weeks when animals are less than 6 months old.

Account Payments

Admins can now delete payments from On Account sales.

Schedule Improvements

Schedule preferences and filters are now set at the user level, meaning you can now set your own schedule preferences without affecting the views of other users.

Date Range Picker

Lists now have a date range picker that lets you quickly and easily pick from one of several predefined date ranges.  Makes filtering by date faster and more efficient than ever before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that resulted in reminders being sent to suspended patients.

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