Panacea version 4.0 brings you the feature that almost drove our developers crazy... inners and outers for stock items!  We've also got a bunch of other improvements for you - read on to find out what's in store!

Inners and Outers

Anyone who tells you that inners and outers are easy has never experienced the joy of ordering 1,000 syringes when they intended to order just 10.
Inners and outers can be maddenlingly difficult to understand and to get right and this is why we've taken so long to add this functionality to Panacea.  We wanted to make sure that Panacea made it easy to order and count stock by inners and outers, not more difficult!
Panacea now allows you to order and count products using inners and outers.  It includes lots of little helpers to help you understand what quantities you're working in and to avoid any inner/outer confusion.
To learn more about inners and outers and how to use them, please refer to the products, stocktakes and orders help articles.

Stocktake Improvements

As well as adding inners and outers functionality, we've added a number of helpers so you can see the value of stock on hand as well as any variances (units and cost) in values counted vs. expected.

Export to CSV Improvements

Added the ability to export stocktakes, product orders and account payments to CSV file.

Preview for Layout and Handout Templates

This snazzy new feature lets you instantly preview layout and handout templates, taking the guesswork out of how they will look when used in anger.
Simply click the 'eye' preview icon next to your template (or at the top right of the screen if viewing or editing the template).  For layout templates you will be prompted to choose the format you want to view the preview in - select from one of the following options:

Improved Print Functionality

You can now instantly print the following lists (whether filtered or unfiltered) using the print icon at the top right of the screen:

  • Consultations

  • Sales

  • Appointments

  • Clients

  • Patients

  • Products

Depending on which list you are printing you will be prompted to select an option for what to include in the printout (the example below is from the Consultations list).  

Bear in mind that Panacea will print the entire list - not just the items shown on screen.  You may end up with a very large print job if you don't filter the items before printing.

Improved 'Export to PDF' Functionality

As above for printing lists, but this feature allows you to export the following lists directly to PDF:

  • Consultations

  • Sales

  • Clients

  • Patients

  • Reminders

  • Account Payments

Simply click the export button at the top right of the screen, hover over 'PDF' and then select what option you'd like to export.

Added Microchip Barcode Template Variable

In addition to the existing PATIENT_MICROCHIP template variable (which displays the patient's active microchip number), you can also use PATIENT_MICROCHIP_BARCODE, which displays the active microchip number in barcode format.

Added 'Ex Tax' Amount to Invoice Template

Total 'Ex Tax' amount is now displayed at the bottom of the invoice template.

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