At Panacea we understand the challenges facing vets regarding the responsible storage, use and dispensing of veterinary medicines.
Vets are required to display good stewardship at all times and to comply with increasingly prescriptive professional and legal requirements.
In our home country of New Zealand, for example, there has been a huge focus on improving the management of Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVM's) and this has significantly increased the compliance burden on most clinics.
As part of our mission to make vets more successful we will be building increasingly sophisticated Rx management tools into Panacea over time, starting with our latest release, version 4.1.
We hope you like these features as much as you do!

Veterniary Operating Instructions (VOI's)

A VOI is a written instruction from a veterniarian to a non-veterinarian to hold and use a restricted veterinary medicine (RVM) for a predetermined use where direct veterinary supervision is not requirement.
Panacea now includes VOI management features to make it easy to monitor and manage VOI's in your clinic.
For more information, please refer to the user guide.

Controlled Drug Management

Controlled drugs are a subset of veterinary medicinces that are more tightly controlled (than of other medicines) due to specific legal and/or professional requirements.
Panacea makes it easy to manage and track all aspects of controlled drug usage - including ordering, use, stock management and disposal, as set out in the user guide.

Other New Features

  • New 'Record Wastage' functionality that allows you to automate the task of recording and reporting upon product wastage.

  • New 'Stock Movement' report (under the 'Products' menu) that shows individual stock movements over time.
    This report is fully searchable and you can filter by stock that was used, wasted and ordered.  It is intended primarily for use in tracking individual product movements and can be useful when investigating stock variances, etc.
    This report is also included for each individual product (look for the 'Movement' tab in the product screen).

  • New 'Stock Movement' report (under 'Analytics' menu).  This report is similar to the one above, although provides a summary of movements by product, including the value of those movements.

  • Witholding period support for products.  You can now specify a witholding period for each product.  We have also created a new '{PRODUCT_WITHHOLDING_PERIOD}' smart tag for use on drug labels, handouts, etc.

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