New Features

  1. Stock ordering functionality has been completely re-written to make it better and easier to use than ever.  Now includes auto-population of orders, which allows you to auto-populate your order based on re-order settings for each product. See the full stock ordering user guide here.

  2. Reporting functionality has been greatly enhanced with the addition of new stock reports (showing all stock, stock on hand and low stock products respectively), cash up and sales reports.
    Additional reporting and analytics functionality will be added throughout 2017.

  3. Support function - we like to make it easy for customers to obtain support and to ask us questions.  Just click on the 'Support' link on the right hand side to bring up a chat window where you can ask us anything.  You can also check out the Panacea support site, which is full of useful information and 'how to' guides.

Tweaks and Enhancements

  1. User name for logged in user now just displays first and last names - salutation and email address removed for a cleaner look

  2. Changed 'Price' field in product edit screen to 'Cost Price'

  3. Changed maximum display size for stocktake notes when viewing list of stocktakes so long notes don't take up too much screen real estate

  4. When adding a new microchip to a patient it is now set to active by default (previously had to manually select this option)

  5. Species now listed in patient list (previously listed breed only)

  6. Added 'Normal' as a dental score option

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