The Panacea developers have been hard at work in their mysterious darkened room with nothing but energy drinks and day-old pizza to sustain them.  We're not sure how they do it, but they continue to work their magic turning all that caffeine and pizza into truly excellent software.
We're pleased to announce new reminders and consult template functionality that we think you'll be really happy with.  You can now:

  • Create templates for reminders and for consultation notes.

  • Insert as many templates as you like into your consultation.  Makes data entry about a million times faster and easier.

  • Categorise templates to make them easier to sort and manage

  • Automate the sending of reminders.  With a flick of a switch you can decide whether Panacea will automatically send reminders for you, or whether you'd prefer to send these manually.
    You can also control at a system level whether reminders will be sent for patients that are deceased (this is also controlled at the template-level, so you can carefully control which communications might be sent to owners of deceased patients).

  • Set reminders to repeat according to a schedule.  Excellent for reminding clients about check-ups, vaccinations and other repetitive visits.

  • Automatically send appointment reminders for all appointments, no manual intervention necessary.

  • Manage reminders, allowing you to pause, send (now dammit!) or delete individual reminder messages.

  • Filter reminders by status and date.

Please refer to the following Help Centre articles on how to get the best out of templates and reminders:

In case you haven't heard, at Panacea our mission is to make vets more successful and we've designed templates and reminders from the ground up with this in mind.
Reminders are important from both a clinical perspective (clients need reminding about stuff) and from a commercial perspective (reminders help reduce no-shows and improve repeat business).
Over 60% of vets who we surveyed do not send out regular reminders to their clients, despite almost all of them having a practice management system (PMS) that allowed them to do so?  The main reason?  Because sending reminders using their legacy PMS was too hard.
We have worked really hard to make this functionality as simple as possible for you to use, while still being powerful enough to make a real difference to you and your clients.
We have lots of great ideas about how we will continue to improve templates and reminders over time, but we'd really value your feedback too - please let us know what you think and what you'd like to see next.

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