The Panacea team has been working hard behind the scenes to make a number of improvements in this release. Most of these improvements are under the hood, but look out for our next release later in November, which will include some of your most requested new features.

Xero Improvements

The Xero integration improvements in v4.7 are under the hood, so they won't be immediately apparent, but they will make your Xero integration more robust and more secure.

The biggest change is an upgrade to the authentication and security mechanism that Panacea uses to integrate with Xero. For those interested in the technical details, we've upgraded from OAuth 1 to OAuth 2 and you can read about the differences between these industry standard protocols here:

Set Suppliers to Inactive

Panacea doesn't let you delete suppliers if there are products under that supplier, as doing so can break historical reporting. It can be a pain having old suppliers who you no longer use in the system, however, as they can continue showing up in stocktakes and reports after you've stopped doing business with them.

Panacea now lets you set suppliers to inactive. Simply edit the supplier and clear the 'Active' check box to do so.

Note that when you set a supplier to inactive (and if you leave the checkbox below ticked) it will also set all products associated with that supplier to inactive also. If you change your mind you can set the supplier back to 'Active', but you'll need to manually reset all of the products back to 'active', which can be time consuming if they have a lot of products.

We've also made the suppliers list searchable and you can order it alphabetically, which should make life easier for clinics with a large number of suppliers.

New 'Bites' Temperament

'Bites' is now an option when designating the temperament of a patient. I'm sure they're just misunderstood, but you never can be too careful!

Support for Bitmap (BMP) Image Uploads

Requested by one of our oldest and dearest customers in Fiji, this change allows you to upload bitmap images (which generally have a '.bmp' extension) to Panacea. You can now save bitmap files from your x-ray (or other equipment) directly into Panacea.

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