This sweet little maintenance release is based 100% on user feedback and is designed to make Panacea even more efficient and easy to use.
We've achieved a number of improvements under the hood that have made Panacea faster and more responsive.  
On top of this we're glad to announce the following tasty additions:

Universal Refresh Button

Panacea does not automatically refresh the schedule or data lists while you are looking at them, as doing so can be distracting and confusing.  This means that you may not see changes that others' have made (such as adding an appointment or saving a draft sale) until you either refresh the page (using the browsers' refresh button) or navigate away from the page and back to it.
Who can be bothered with that kind of palaver?  Not us, so we've added a universal refresh button to the top right hand of all commonly used screens.
This updates only the data on the page and then only if it has changed in the background.  Give it a whirl it looks like this:

Schedule Improvements

  • Schedule filtering - you can now choose which staff and rooms appear in your schedule.  Just click the gear icon in the top left of the schedule window.

  • Clever schedule memory - the schedule now remembers where you were if you go away and come back.  Very cool!

  • Appointments view - click the little 'Appointments' button at the top right of the schedule to get a filterable, searchable list of appointments.  Great for producing a list of all of the appointments for your clinic.  Just click the 'Schedule' icon to toggle back to the schedule view.

  • The appointment view also now appears for every patient and client.  Just click on the 'Appointments' tab in the patient or client screen.

  • You can now create a new appointment from the shortcut menu (the little '+' next to your name at the top right of the Panacea window).  Just click '+' and then 'New Appointment'

Sales and Consultations

  • Sales now include details of when the sale was created and completed and who by.

  • Notes can now be added to each payment on the sale .

We hope you like he new features as much as we do!

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