Version 3.59 is now live and we're delighted to bring you a bunch of our most commonly requested features - including template sales as part of your consultation templates!

Consultation Sales Templates

You can now add sales to your consultation templates.  When you apply the template to a consultation Panacea will automatically add all of the products from that template to the consultation sale.
You can still add multiple templates to the sale, so it's easy to add templated notes and charges for multiple procedures to the same consultation.
Using the consultation sales template you define the quantity of each product you want to add to the consultation sale and the discount that you want to apply to each item (if any).
Consultation sales templates provide a quick and easy way to cut down on data entry time while eliminating missed charges!

Client Activity Report

At Panacea our mission is to make vets more successful and providing powerful, easy to use analytics and reporting functionality is key to helping us achieve this mission.
The Client Activity Report is an excellent example of what we mean - it provides you with quick and easy access to critical client activity data with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.
You no longer have to have a PhD in statistics and a black belt in Excel to generate meaningful client activity reports - Panacea makes it easy!

Aged Receivables Report

With our new Aged Receivables Report you can instantly view all of your outstanding debtors with just two clicks of the mouse.  

Reply To, CC and BCC Options for Email Reminders

Allows you to set the 'reply to', 'carbon copy' and 'blind carbon copy' email addresses for email reminder templates.
The 'Reply To' field will be automatically populated with the email address for your clinic (this is configured under clinic settings).  
Having a 'reply to' address is recommended, as clients often reply to reminder emails, even when you ask them not to.  CC and BCC addresses can be very handy if you want to store a copy of all reminder emails in your CRM system and/or in an email archive.

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