Version 3.60 is now live and it contains a tasty mix of improvements big and small.  
As always, we'd love to hear what you think of them and if there's anything you'd like to see in an upcoming version.

Let's see, what do we have here...


Small but significant improvements designed to make your life easier:

  • You can now email invoices, account payments and stock orders to customers/suppliers simply by clicking the blue 'Send' icon next to the item.  See below for information about using templates to make this even easier.

  • Video files up to 25mb in size can now be uploaded to any section of the app that accepts attachments.

  • Improved print layouts for sales, consultations, stock orders, stocktakes, account payments, reports, etc.

Patient Colour/Markings

We've replaced the old colour picker with a smart auto-complete field.  Panacea comes loaded with a large number of predefined colours.  It will also learn colours that you enter and will offer these up using auto-complete suggestions later.  Very cool.

Dispensing Fees

We've been working hard to make managing dispensing fees as simple as possible.
When adding a product to a sale Panacea will automatically list the dispensing fee (including tax) in the search hint box, as below.

The sales screen lists the dispensing fee for each product.  You can click on this to change it if required.

On the customer invoice the dispensing fee is hidden.  We do this by adjusting the unit price of the item to compensate for the dispensing fee.  In a future release you will be able to turn this on or off, so you will be able to control whether the dispensing fee is listed on the invoice or not.

Email Templates

We've reorganised the templates section to separate templates for reminders, consultations and emails.  Email templates can be used for everything from sending client emails to sending stock orders and lab requests.  You create and edit email templates in exactly the same way as you do reminder templates.
Email templates will become more and more important as we look to automate repetitive and mundane tasks to give you more time with your patients.

Panacea also now allows you to define the following email addresses for email templates:

  • 'Reply To' - allows you to specify the email address that replies will be sent to.  This will be set to the clinic's email address (as defined in clinic settings) by default.  If this is blank the 'Reply To' address will be set to 'no-reply'.

  • 'CC' - allows you to specify one or more email addresses that 'carbon copies' of each email will be sent to. 

  • 'BCC' - allows you to specify one or more email addresses that will be 'blind copied' (no one else will know that a copy of the message has been sent to these addresses).  Remember that Panacea does not store a copy of sent messages, so it can be a good idea to 'blind copy' an archive account (i.e. an email account you can use to store copies of all outbound correspondence).

Remember that these options apply to all emails sent using the given template.  These email addresses can be edited before you send the email, but think carefully about the email addresses you list in the template - you don't want to inadvertently send sensitive emails to the wrong people.

Direct Client Email (Beta)

Panacea now makes it easier than ever to send a quick email to clients.  Simply click on the blue 'send' icon (it's a paper plane, in case you were wondering) from the clients list or the client details screen:

The 'Send Email' box will appear.  You can use an email template if you wish, or you can just type your message and press 'send'.  In a future release we'll allow you to send ad-hoc SMS messages like this too.

Default Communications Templates

You can now define default templates for appointment reminders, invoices and stock orders.  Just head to clinic settings and click on the 'Settings' tab.  Click 'Edit' to change the template associated with any item.

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