Version 3.66 of Panacea is hot off the presses and is packed full of little improvements that our users have been asking for.  

Our developers LOVE doing releases like this.  Software development is never easy, but tweaks like this certainly are a lot easier and more fun than a big hairy project like online bookings (which came immediately before in v3.65).

Listed below are all of the goodies that you'll see in this release.  There are also lots of improvements under the hood that you won't see, but you will feel them in terms of better performance and responsiveness.

Look out for Version 3.67, which is under development now and will include our single most requested feature - product-level automated reminders!

New in 3.66:

  • Completed sales can now be opened without having to contact the help desk.  If you're an admin user you will see a little red padlock next to completed sales.  Click this (and then Yes to confirm) and Panacea will remove all payments from the sale and set it back to Open.  It can now be edited.

    Use with caution - this cannot be undone.  It pays to take a record of what payments were on the sale first if you plan on  adding them again afterwards.

  • Additional details have been added to the printed version of consultation notes.  Handy if you're referring the patient or for insurance purposes.

  • There's a new appointment status called 'Checked In'.  Now you can set the appointment status to Arrived when the client has arrived and then Checked In once the patient has been weighed, paperwork completed, etc.  Provides better visibility of who's in the waiting room and who's ready to see the vet.

  • Items on sales (including the sales component of consultation templates) can now be dragged up and down to reorder them on the invoice.  Really useful if you want to group items together, or if you need items to appear in a particular order.

  • Consultations and invoices can now be emailed directly to the client (or anyone else) using the little blue 'paper plane' icon.  Sweet!

  • Payment methods are now listed for each sale in the Cash Up report.

  • You can now set default markup amounts for suppliers and product categories.  Whenever you create a new product Panacea will automatically set the markup to this amount (this can be manually overridden, of course).  You can also use the new 'Apply to all' button to automatically apply the markup amount to all products from that supplier or product category.

  • We've added a dictionary of patient colours (colors if you're American).  Now whenever you enter a colour that Panacea hasn't seen before (e.g. 'Black with grey patches'), Panacea will store this value in the 'Clolors' dictionary and will offer it up as an auto-complete option the next time you start typing the same thing.  As with all dictionaries, you can edit this one in the settings panel.

  • The Support link now has sub-links to the User Guide and the Request Support option.  Some clients were having trouble finding the user guide, so here it is!  You can still click on Request Support to chat directly with us at any time.

  • Search improvement:  If you append the percent sign (%) to the beginning/end of a search term then Panacea will only display items beginning or ending with that search term, rather than all items containing it.  

    This is deceptively powerful.  If you wanted to find a patient named Bella with owner named Roger Smith you can simply type %bel %rog in the search box and boom!  From thousands of patients you have just the one you're looking for.

    Alternatively, if you wanted to search for a client based on the last four digits of their phone number (e.g. last four digits of 09 555 2432) then you could search on 2432%.

  • Status filter added to client and patient list.  You can now choose to display clients/patients who are active, suspended or both.

  • You can now enter and view a patient's DOB or age.  If you enter '2Y 0M' as the patient's age, for example, Panacea will automatically calculate its DOB as being two years prior .  Easy!

  • We've added a 'Markup' column to the product list so you can instantly see (and sort) markups by product.

  • Panacea now supports the uploading of DICOM files.  We'll let you in on a little secret - you'll soon be able to view DICOM files directly from Panacea using your web browser.  Who needs some expensive imaging storing/viewing machine?  (Hint:  Not you!)

  • Murine has been added to to the species dictionary.  Not sure how we left that out originally - I smell a rat!

  • The Schedule now automatically scrolls to the current time when you open it (or refresh the page).

  • Bugfix:  Dashboard was only displaying appointments and consults associated with the current user, even when 'Assigned to me' was turned off.  Now fixed.

  • Deleting a consultation used to delete the associated invoice also.  This was wrong.  We're sorry.  Now if you delete a consult Panacea will not delete the associated invoice - you'll need to delete this manually if required.

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