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Product Reminders

Smart reminders to improve treatment efficacy and product sales

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Product reminders are smart reminders that you can attach to any product or service.

They're smart because Panacea automatically resets the clock when new sales of the given product or service occur to the client. 

We recommend that you check out the Help Centre articles on Communications Templates and on Creating and Managing Reminders before getting stuck in to product reminders, as we'll build on the concepts set out in these articles.  The following assumes you've already set up the required templates for your product reminders.

Sequencing Reminders

Panacea allows you to associate any number of reminders with a product, so you can:

  • Send a combination of reminders to advise the client on product use or post-operative care.  You could, for example, start with one 'reminder' containing product information soon after the sale and follow up with repetitive reminders to remind the client to administer the product to the patient.

  • Plan for the situation where the client doesn't respond to previous reminders.  You can, for example, send the client a reminder before they are due to renew the product or service (e.g. 'Fido's biannual parvo vaccination is due next month') and a sequence of reminders after the due date if they do not.

Panacea tracks when the given product or service is sold to the client and resets the offset timers for all associated reminders when a sale takes place.

Viewing Product Reminders

To view all reminders associated with a product, simply click on the Reminders tab for that product.  The product illustrated below does not yet have any reminders associated with it.

Adding Reminders to Products

To add a reminder to a product you can either create a new reminder template or link an existing reminder template to the product.

Creating a New Reminder Template

To create a new reminder template, click the green '+' from the reminders screen.  The 'New Template' screen will appear, as illustrated below.

For help with creating new reminder templates, please refer to the Communications Templates Help Centre article.

Linking an Existing Reminder Template to the Product

To link an existing reminder template to a product, simply click the chain link icon to the right of the search box.  Panacea will display all available, un-linked reminder templates, as illustrated below.  Use the search box if necessary to help you find the template that you're looking for.

To link any number of reminders with your product, simply click the chain link icon next to each reminder template.  Click this link icon again to un-link the reminder template from the product.

It only takes a few seconds to add reminders to your product, as illustrated below.

Viewing and Deleting Product Reminders at Time of Sale

Products that have associated product reminders are denoted by the blue 'bell' icon on the sell screen, as illustrated below.

Click on this icon to see all reminders associated with that product, as below.

From here you can delete product reminders using the red trash can icon.

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