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Effortlessly create professional-looking, customised handouts for your clients

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Panacea allows you to effortlessly create great looking, informative handouts for your clients.  Handouts can be printed and handed to the client in hardcopy or emailed to the client as a PDF.

Handouts templates can be associated with any product.  Panacea will automatically generate handout(s) based on that template, and will attach it to the appropriate patient/client record, whenever that product (or service) is sold.

Handouts are template-based, meaning you create a template once and you can use it again and again as required.  Use variables to automatically customise your handouts for each individual client and patient.

Handout templates can be created and managed from the Templates section of Panacea, as described below, or from the 'Handouts' tab of the product screen.

You need to select a  document layout template for each handout.  Think of the document layout as being a bit like the paper in your printer.  The layout template defines the size of the paper, margins, headers and footers.  If you use a layout template that includes a header and footer then you can think of the layout template as being like printing on letterhead paper.

Panacea includes a bunch of pre-defined document layout and handout templates to get you started.

Viewing Handout Templates

Simply click Templates and then select the Handouts tab to view existing handouts.  You can search, create, edit and delete handouts from this screen.

Associating Handouts with Products

Create handouts automatically whenever you sell a given product or service by associating one or more handout templates with each given product.

To manage the handouts associated with a product, simply click the 'Handouts' tab from the product screen, as illustrated below.

From here you can create new handout templates (use the green '+') and edit existing templates (use the pencil).  If you add a new handout template from here then Panacea will automatically associated it with the product.

You can also link existing handout templates to the product:

  • Click the greyed-out 'Show Unliked' chain icon to the right of the search box.  All unlinked handout templates will be displayed, as below.

  • Click the green 'Link' icon to the right of the required handout template.  It is now linked to the product.

Manually Creating Handouts

Navigate to the client or patient screen (as appropriate for the recipient of the handout), select the 'Handouts' tab and click the green '+' icon.  The 'New Handout' screen will appear, as below:

You can now either choose a pre-existing template for your handout (we've selected the 'Clavaseptin' template in the example above), or create your handout from scratch (read below for instructions on populating the handout).

Printing/Sending Handouts

Print or send handouts from the 'Handouts' tab of the client or patient screen. 

Remember that if you sell a product to a client (and you want to produce a handout) then you can easily access the client/patient record by clicking their name from the list of sales in the 'Sell' screen.

This provides a quick and easy shortcut to the handouts for your patient or client.

Once you're in the patient or client record, simply select the 'Handouts' tab to see all of their handouts:

From here you can email the handout to the client (using the paper plane icon) or print it (using the printer icon).  Use the 'print' option if you want to save it to PDF and choose 'Save as PDF' as the Destination in the browser print dialog, as below.

Creating a Handout Template

The following procedure helps you create a handout template from scratch.  If you want to copy an existing handout template then simply open it for editing (use the pencil icon), put your cursor in the 'Content' section, press CTRL+A to select all text and then CTRL+C to copy it.  You can then paste this content (using CTRL+V) into your new handout template and edit it from there.

Create a new handout template by clicking on the green '+' from the Handouts screen.  The New Template screen will appear, as below:

Give your handout a name and, if you like, a description and category.  The latter two options are not mandatory, but they can certainly help when you're trying to find the right handout to use in future.

Select a layout template under 'Properties'.  The layout template will define the physical size of the handout (i.e. the paper size), header, margins and page numbering.  Worth remembering if you find yourself trying to figure out why a handout is coming out a certain way in future.

Now you just have to add your handout content in the 'Content' section.  You can choose from the full range of formatting options from the menu bar and you can insert variables anywhere into the template - just type an open curly bracket ('{') to see a drop-down list of variables you can use.

Once you're happy with your handout template simply save it using the green save icon at the top of the screen and your handout is ready to go!

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