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Veterinary Operating Instructions (VOI's)
Veterinary Operating Instructions (VOI's)

Take the hassle out of managing VOI's

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A VOI is a written instruction from a veterinarian to a non-veterinarian to hold and use a restricted veterinary medicine (RVM) for a predetermined use where direct veterinary supervision is not requirement.
VOI's may include the storage and use of prophylactics and anaesthetics by farmers, for example.
VOI's can be difficult and time consuming to manage, particularly as the vet typically remains responsible for the RVM for as long as it remains in the possession of the client (i.e. until it is either used, returned or disposed of).  It is up to the vet to monitor the clients storage and use of the RVM under the VOI and to ensure that unused stock is returned when the VOI terminates.
In this section we look at the tools that Panacea provides to make it easy to monitor and manage VOI's in your clinic.

Clinic Settings

The following default settings are applied for VOI's at the clinic level and apply to new VOI's at time of creation:

  • Default Duration

  • Default Reveiw Frequency

These default settings can be overriden manually when you create each VOI.
You can access these settings by clicking Settings --> Clinics --> [Clinic Name] and then clicking the 'Settings' tab.

Creating a VOI

Create a VOI simply by designating a sale as a VOI by using the VOI slider at the top of the sale.  You can do this whether the sale is created stand-alone or from a consultation.

Select the VOI duration and review frequency (see explanation below):

Enter notes for the sale/VOI if required and add a client to the sale (a client is required for every VOI).

Viewing and Managing VOI's

View VOI's by clicking the 'VOI' under the Sales menu.  You can also list VOI's for a given client by clicking the VOI tab of the client screen.

From here you can:

  • Expand the VOI using the ">" button on the left hand side

  • Close or void the VOI by clicking the green 'plus' or 'x' icons on the right hand side.  Note that these changes cannot be undone.

Unused product is not automatically returned to stock when the VOI is closed or voided.

VOI Reviews

Panacea schedules VOI reviews based on the review frequency specified during VOI creation.  Overdue reviews are highlighted in red.
To create a new VOI review simply click on the green '+' to the right.

The VOI review window will appear.  Enter comments and other details for the review (as illustrated below) and save it as either 'Draft' or 'Completed'.  Note that, once completed, a review cannot be edited or reopened.


Remember that you can create handouts for use with common VOI products.
You can specify a withholding period for each product, (irrespective of whether it is an Rx or not) and use the '{PRODUCT_WITHHOLDING_PERIOD}' smart tag on drug labels, handouts, etc.
These features can greatly reduce the amount of manual paperwork required when creating and managing VOI's.

VOI Sales Reporting

You can filter the Sales report in Panacea (accessible under Analytics --> Sales) to only show sales related to VOI's, as illlustrated below.

This can be useful in helping to track the volume and profitability of VOI-related sales.

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