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Controlled Drug Management
Controlled Drug Management

Take the hassle out of managing controlled drugs

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Controlled drugs are a subset of veterinary medicinces that are more tightly controlled (than of other medicines) due to specific legal and/or professional requirements.
Panacea makes it easy to manage and track all aspects of controlled drug usage - including ordering, use, stock management and disposal.
It allows you do designate products as controlled drugs and to subject controlled drugs to additional compliance checks and controls (as defined by you).

Designating Products as Controlled Drugs

Any product can be designated as a controlled drug using the 'Controlled Drug' flag in the 'Information' section of the product screen, as illustrated below.

Note that, as a fraud prevention measure, only users with the Administrator role can modify this flag.
Products that are flagged as controlled drugs are denoted by a hashred red and white line to the left of the entry when they are added to a sale, as illustrated below.

Controlled Drug Settings

Controlled drug settings are defined at the clinic level (access these settings via Settings --> Clinics --> [Clinic Name], as illustrated below:

These settings define what types of user can perform the following tasks with these record types:

Create and Manage

Possible values for this option are:

  • 'Any Staff Member' - Any logged in user

  • 'Any Vet'

  • 'Any Admin'

Only users of the specified account type can add controlled drugs to the record and/or manage records that contain controlled drugs.

Verify the Controlled Drug Records

This setting allows you to define whether records containing controlled drugs require verification and, if so, what account types can be used.  Possible values for this option are:

  • 'N/A' - No verification required

  • 'Any Staff Member'

  • 'Any Vet'

  • 'Any Admin'

Panacea does not require the verifying user to authtenticate themselves when verifying these records.  This does mean that an unscrupulous user can falsify a verification, so we do recommend daily checks to on all controlled drug verifications to identify any suspicious activity.

Verifying Controlled Drug Records

If you have specified that controlled drug records require verification then a 'Confirmed By' column will appear when you add a controlled drug to any given sale, stocktake, wastage report or order, as illustrated below:

The user verifying the entry simply needs to select their name from the drop-down list in the 'Confirmed By' column.  
The record cannot be finalised until all verification requirements have been met.

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