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Panacea Feature Requests
Panacea Feature Requests

Submit and vote on feature requests

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At Panacea we're always listening to you, our customers about how to make Panacea better.
We're always keen to hear about what features you'd like to see in future versions of Panacea, so we make it easy to submit your own feature requests and to vote on feature requests submitted by others.
Please note that feature requests are visible to all Panacea users, so please don't include any confidential or sensitive information in them.
Also, please remember that, although we are constantly working to improve Panacea and to make our vet customers more successful, it may take us a while to get to some feature requests and others may not make it into the app at all, irrespective of how many votes it receives.
If a feature request makes sense and will be of use to the general user population then we will work hard to include it in our development plans.

Viewing Feature Requests

Click Support --> Feature Requests.  You will be presented with a list of existing feature requests.  You can click on these for more information and vote on them from this screen.  Vote the feature request up or down simply by clicking on the appropriate icon to the right (note that this won't automatically change the position of the request in the list).

Creating Feature Requests
Click on the green 'plus' ('+') icon to create a new feature request.  Give your request a title, category and description before clicking 'Save':

When you save the feature request it will appear with a status of 'Submitted' and will be visible only to you.  It will then be reviewed by our support team before being approved.  Once approved the feature request will be visible to all other Panacea users.

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