Setting Up Xero Integration

Easily synchronise data between Panacea and Xero

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Panacea integrates tightly with Xero to allow you to synchronise data between individual clinics in Panacea and your Xero account.

Once configured this integration will automatically sync the following between Panacea and Xero:

  • Clients and suppliers

  • 'On account' client invoices

  • Daily Cash Up totals for cash sales

  • Stock orders (these generate invoices in Xero)

  • Product and services sales by account in Xero, allowing you to track the profitability of each area of your business

Xero integration must be set up individually for every clinic in your enterprise and you can have one or more clinics syncing with each Xero instance ('organisation').


The Xero integration automatically synchronises various forms of data between Panacea and Xero.  This includes data synchronised both during initial set-up and as new objects are created in either system.

Removing the integration does not remove synchronised data, so it pays to be sure of what you're doing before you set the integration up.  Feel free to contact us to discuss prior to setting up the integration.


You'll need to set up the following in Xero before configuring the integration:

  • An active organisation that you want this clinic to sync to

  • At least one bank account that you can use as the default payments account

  • Sales and purchase tax rates to match all of the sales tax rates in Panacea (in Panacea these are listed under Settings -> Sales -> Taxes)

  • If you are going to set up your own 'sales' and 'cost of goods sold' accounts in Xero, you'll need to set up a 'sales' and 'cost of goods sold' account for each of the product and service categories in Panacea.  If this sounds too difficult then don't worry - you don't need to do this step.  We recommend that you let Panacea set up all of the default sales and 'COGS' accounts for you, which is the default.

Don't worry if you find that you've forgotten to set up one or more prerequisites in Xero part way through setting up the integration - simply open Xero in a separate tab, set up the required prerequisites, return to Panacea and click 'refresh' to reload all of the options from Xero:

Set-up Xero Integration

You can only set up/configure Xero integration for the active clinic.  Switch to the desired clinic using the drop-down selector in the top left of your screen:

Navigate to Settings -> Clinics and click on the 'Integrations' tab.

Click the green '+' in the Xero section.  This will automatically redirect you to a Xero page asking you to authorise Xero to allow Panacea to access your data (you may be prompted to log in to Xero if required).

Select the required Xero organisation (that you want this clinic to sync to) and choose the option to allow access.  You will be automatically redirected back to Panacea to configure the following options.

Set-up Accounts, Taxes and Payment Options

Default Payment Options

Select the default payment account - this is the account (normally a bank account) that payments will be assigned to by default.

Select a default payment method - this is used when a payment is made against an invoice in Xero.  Xero doesn't report the payment method used in these circumstances, so Panacea will record such payments using the default payment method.

Map Tax Rates

For this section the tax rates in the drop-down boxes are from Xero.  If you don't have the tax rate you need in the drop-down box then switch to Xero to create it, then come back and press the refresh button before continuing.

You will need to select default sales and purchase tax rates for each tax type.  In most countries this will simply be your GST/VAT rate or similar.

Next map a Xero tax rate with each of the tax rates that are configured in Panacea.

Chart of Accounts

One of the wonderful benefits of the Xero integration is that it allows you to recognise the revenue and cost (cost of goods sold, or COGS) for each type of product or service under different accounts in Xero.

This makes is easy to analyse sales and profitability for lab fees or consumables, for example.

By default Panacea will set up a detailed chart of accounts for you.  You can disable this feature if you want to set up your own chart of accounts, but we recommend that doing so is only for advanced users.

To allow Panacea to automatically set up the chart of accounts leave this option turned on, as below.  You can use the edit pencil to modify account names and numbers if you wish, but we recommend against it.

If you choose to set up your own chart of accounts then you will need to select a Xero account for each one of the product and service categories listed.

Save and Go!

That's it!  Simply press the green save icon and your Xero integration is now set-up and ready to go. 

Note - if the save icon isn't green then one or more items have not been completed on the page.  You will need to find and resolve these issues before continuing.

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