Easily schedule and track tasks througout your clinic

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The taskpad allows you to quickly and easily create, schedule, assign and manage tasks across your clinic.
There are two ways to access the taskpad

  • Using the taskpad link at the top right of the Panacea window.  This opens a quick view of the taskpad that doesn't require you to navigate away from the page you have open.

  • Via the 'Tasks' page under 'Tasks and Reminders'.

Although the default filters are slightly different for the taskpad quick view (in quick view they are designed to only show the tasks that are likely to be most relevant to you on the run), the methods for creating and managing tasks are very similar, regarless of which interface you use.

Viewing and Managing Tasks

To view tasks simply open the taskpad using either interface.  To open the quick view simply click on the tasks icon at the top right of the Panacea window:

By default the filters in the quick view will only show you active tasks that are assigned to you or that are unassigned (i.e. open to anyone), so if you don't immediately see the tasks you're looking for then consider adjusting these filters.

You can open a task simply by clicking on it.  The following icons are also available for manipulating the task (icons display based on the task status):

These allow you to:

  • Start the task (play icon) - converts the task status to 'IN PROGRESS' so others know you've got it in-hand

  • Complete the task (tick icon) - marks the task as completed

  • Cancel the task (x icon)

  • Send the task to the asignee (paper plane icon) - sends the asginee an email to let them know this task has been assigned to them.  Not passive agressive at all!

  • Edit the task (pencil icon)

  • Delete the task (rubbish bin icon)

Creating Tasks

Creating a task couldn't be easier - just click on the green '+' icon, enter the task information and save the task using the green 'save' icon (the orange save icon allows you to save the task as draft).


  • You can assign the task to anyone within your clinic.  Leave this field blank to make it 'unassigned' - great for tasks where you just need someone in the clinic to pick it up.

  • 'Due By' date is when the task is due to be completed.  Status will automatically be set to 'overdue' if it's not completed by this date.

  • 'Expires At' date is when the task expires if not completed by this date and time.  This allows you to avoid having a large number of incomplete tasks littering your taskpad.  Delete this field if you don't want the task to automatically expire.

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