Drug Labels

It's easy to create and print drug labels. Just set up a label template, add your label text and away you go!

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Drug labels are edited and printed from the sales screen, including the consultation sales screen.

Panacea will allow you to print drug labels for any product, as long as there is label text associated with that product. You can add label text to the product itself (using the 'Label Text' field when you edit the product) and/or directly from the sell screen. Labels are printed using the clinic's label template, as described below.

When you add a product to the sale you'll see that Panacea places either blue or green label icon next to each item.

A blue label icon indicates that there is already label text for this product line item. This label text can comprise the default label text for that product (see below) and/or text added by the user directly from the sell screen. You can view/edit this label text by clicking on the label icon until the sale is finalised (once it's finalised, the label content is locked).

Once you've completed or saved the sale or consultation you'll notice that the blue label icons (the ones containing labels) turn into printer icons, signifying that a label can be printed for that line item. The printer icon at the very top of the list (in the title bar) allows you to print all of the labels from this sale in one go.

If a printer icon does not appear to the right of a line item on the sale then no label text was entered for that product (i.e. no label was created).

Setting the Label Template

To choose the default drug label template for your clinic navigate to Settings --> Clinics --> [Clinic Name] --> General and click on the 'Settings' tab.  

The default drug label template is listed next to 'Label Template' in the 'Layouts' section, as below.  Click edit to be able to modfiy this value if you'd like to select a different default label template.

Label Construction

The system default drug label template is illustrated below. 

An example of how an actual label might look:

Metacam Cat Oral - 0.5 mg meloxica/ml
1.5ml. Give 1 syringe (0.5ml) orally once a day for 3 days. Start on Sat AM
Boots McClure - Mr Brad McClure
14 December 2015 - Acme Vet Clinic - Dr Adam Bently
26 Cooper Cresent, East Tamaki - 09 274 7638 - A/H: 0800 382548



  • Drug warning text is defined at the clinic level and is the same for all drug labels printed by a given clinic. You can find this setting under Settings --> Clinics --> Settings --> Print

  • Product name and active ingredient are defined at the product level

  • Label text is defined at the product level

  • Product warning text is product-specific and is defined at the product level (edit product to access this)

Let's take a look at the finished product. Outstanding!

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