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Creating, Finding and Opening Consultations
Creating, Finding and Opening Consultations
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Creating a New Consultation

Consultations can be created either from the Schedule or via the Consult Navigation Menu item.

  • To create a consultation from the schedule, right-click the relevant appointment in the calendar and select Consultation from the drop-down list.

  • To create a consultation manually, click Consult from the Navigation Menu - this will take you to the New Consultation screen by default.

Opening an Existing Consultation

To open an existing consultation, click Consult from the navigation menu and then click the View All Consultations button. By default this will display all consultations associated with the current clinic - to display all consultations (irrespective of clinic) toggle the Clinic slider from Current to All as illustrated below:

You can sort the list of consultations by patient name, client name (Billed To column), presenting problem, status or date by clicking on the applicable column name. Clicking on each column name toggles the column between ascending and descending sort order.

Use the search box to filter consultations using your search criteria. This feature uses a full-text search, so you can use patient name, client name or any text that would appear in the consultation itself.

Completed consultations appear with an eye icon next to them - click this to view the consultation. All other consultations appear with a blue pencil icon - click this to open the consultation for editing.

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