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The Schedule has been designed from the ground up to be beautiful and easy to use. It supports a number of unique features to help you stay on top of client appointments while running an efficient clinic. These features include:

  • Schedule views by person or room (both for a single day) or for the entire week

  • Drag and drop organisation of appointments, allowing you to easily re-schedule appointments, even between vets

  • Create new or open existing consultations directly from the schedule, saving time and preventing errors

To open the Schedule simply click on Schedule from the Navigation Menu. To open the Schedule in a new tab right-click Schedule and click Open link in new tab.

Panacea displays the calendars for users who are assigned to the current clinic. To add or remove a staff member from this view, edit the staff member and either select or deselect the clinic under 'Clinics' accordingly.

It does pay to refresh the window from time to time to ensure you can see calendar changes made by others. Just click the refresh button from the calendar toolbar, as seen in the bottom left of the image below:

Person, Room and Weekly Views

By default the schedule displays in Person view. This displays the schedule for all users for the specified day. This view is particularly useful for use at reception or other areas where you need to keep an eye on overall activity at the clinic for the day.

You can toggle between Person, Room and Weekly views by clicking the appropriate button above the calendar:

The Room view shows room occupancy for the selected day. This is useful when trying to find an available room at a specified time.

The Weekly view shows all of the appointments for the current clinic for the selected week.

Changing Dates

You can change the displayed date range for any view using the date buttons from the toolbar above the calendar.

Use the left and right arrows to move one day (or week for the weekly view) back and forth. Use the date picker (click on the date between the arrows) to select a certain date (or week).

Schedule not displaying correctly

If the schedule doesn't seem to be displaying as you might expect, you can still view and edit appointments using the 'Appointments' view under the schedule.

This issue may occur if you have no 'Online Available' time set for the clinic. We can resolve this by creating an 'online available' schedule for the clinic as follows:

This doesn't mean that customers will be able to book online if you haven't added online bookings to your website and have no staff enabled for online bookings

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