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Panacea is designed for customers of all sizes - from one practice to one thousand. It provides a hierarchical structure that you can use to mirror your enterprise - no matter how many organisations and clinics it comprises.

If you just have the one clinic (and one organisation) then just make the settings under Enterprise, Organisation and Clinic the same.

If you have a complex structure with multiple companies and clinics then use the settings below to model Panacea to your corporate structure.

Here's how the structure works:


Your Enterprise is the super set of all of your organisations. There is one Enterprise per Panacea instance.

For larger customers the 'Enterprise' maps to the holding company (i.e. parent company) of all the 'Organisations' (subsidiaries) that contain clinics.

View or edit settings for your Enterprise by clicking Settings --> Enterprise from the navigation menu.

Some settings are configured at the Enterprise level for all organisations and clinics, these are:

  • Country: All organisations and clinics must reside within a single country. If you have clinics in more than one country then you will need more than one instance of Panacea.

  • Default Measurement Units: Metric v.s. Imperial. This sets default units for all clinics within your enterprise.

  • Currency: Only one currency is supported per Panacea instance.

  • Default Timezone: Organisations and clinics can reside within different timezones - this just defines the default.

  • Sales Taxes: Includes setting for the default sales tax. Sales taxes defined at the Enterprise level are available for use in all clinics.


The Organisation is the legal entity that contains actual clinics. There can be one or more organisations per Panacea instance. Each organisation can contain any number of Clinics.

Within Panacea the Organisation is a subsidiary company to the Enterprise. If this isn't relevant to your organisational structure (e.g. if you have just one company) then forget about the Enterprise settings once you've set up your default settings - all the action (financial reporting, etc.) will happen at the Organisation level.

View or edit Organisation settings by clicking Settings --> Organisations from the navigation menu.

You can create new Organisations from this screen.

View an Organisation (by clicking on its name) to see a list of Clinics within it. You can add new clinics from this screen.


Each Organisation can contain one or more clinics. Create a clinic for every physical clinic or outlet within your Enterprise.

Each clinic can have its own address and timezone, but please be careful to ensure that these are within the same country as defined at the Enterprise level. Panacea does not currently enforce this, but problems can arise if you have settings that are not consistent between levels of the hierarchy.

View or edit Clinic settings by clicking Settings --> Clinics from the navigation menu.

NOTE: Please make sure you fill out all of your clinic details; without these all being completed, issues may arise. For example, without providing a clinic email, Panacea will default to the system email and thus send any customer replies back to us instead of you.

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