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Creating and Managing Sales
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The Sales screen allows you to perform over the counter sales quickly and accurately. Sales do not need to be linked to consultations, customers or clients, although we recommend you always have clients and patients linked when applicable as this allows Panacea to set up automated reminders and ensures the sale is logged against the client’s account for reference purposes. Products sold will also log against the linked patient's account under the Products tab.

All sales can be paid for using your defined payment methods or prepayments.

To access the sales module click Sales from the quick launch menu.

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Searching sales

All clinic sales will be listed here. By default, newest sales are listed first. From here you can order by status, invoice number, doctor, client or patient by clicking on the respective column header. You can also search by invoice number, doctor, client or patient using the search box.

Note: Sales generated within a consultation screen will also automatically populate to the clinic and client sales list once you have saved the consultation.

Creating a New Sale

Create a new sale from the sales screen by clicking the green '+' at the top right of the screen.

You can also create a sale from anywhere within the application by clicking the ‘+’ icon shortcut menu and clicking 'New Sale', as illustrated below.

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The new sale screen will appear.

Adding Products to the Sale

You can add products to the sale by either looking them up using the search bar across the top of the Sell screen or by using Quick Keys.

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The search bar allows you to search for products by name or SKU. It supports the use of barcode scanners, so you can scan products into the sale also - just make sure the cursor is in the search bar before you start scanning.

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Modifying Product Quantities and Sell Prices

Changing quantities

To change the quantity of a product once it has been added to the sale, place the cursor in the 'Quantity' column for that line item and either use the keyboard to delete and change the product quantity or use the Up and Down arrows to change the product quantity.


You can also apply a discount to individual line items using the 'Discount (%)' column.

Remember: You need to click the 'enter' key on your keyboard to finalize the change

Removing products

Click the red trash can icon next to the intended product to remove a product from the sale.

What if I want to charge for a smaller unit of a product?

If you only want to charge for a lesser amount of, say, a vial of medication (i.e. you order the drug by the vial, but you might sell it by the ml), there are several strategies for handling this. However, most of our clients just use a percentage of the vial (or whatever it is) on each sale.

Our advice would be to experiment with a given product to see what works best for you.

Adding Sale Information

You can optionally add or modify the client, patient and doctor associated with the sale from the Information box at the bottom of the sale screen. The client field is automatically populated if the sale is created from the 'Sales' section of the client window.

Saving or Completing the Sale

Save or complete the sale by using the green drive and blue Pay (credit card) icons at the top of the sale screen.

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Saving a sale

If you save the Open sale prior to taking payments, Panacea will recognize the sale as a Draft. - Stock levels will not be affected in this instance and you will be able to edit the contents of the sale in the future. If a customer doesn't pay at the time of purchase (and intends to pay later) then we recommend that you treat this as an 'On account' sale, as below.

Completing a sale

To process payments against an open sale, refer to our Payments and Completing a Sale article [link].

To charge open sales to a client's account, refer to our On Account Payments [Link] article. Here, we also discuss Panacea's on account functionality.

Once a payment has been made against the open sale or the open sale has been charged to the customer's account, you won't be able to modify the contents of the sale and Panacea will recognize this as a finalized sale.

Once the balance on the sale has been paid in full, Panacea will automatically mark the sale as completed. Completed sales are unable to be edited, however, admin role types do have the ability to 'unlock' these.

If you realize you've made a mistake with a finalized sale or you would like to unlock a completed sale, please refer to the removing payments section of our Payments and completing a sale [link]article.

Understanding Sale Statuses

A sale that has been charged to a customer account and has not yet been fully paid.

Denotes an estimate that has not yet been converted to a sale.

An open sale (i.e. one that has not yet been fully paid).

A sale that has been fully paid.

A sale that has been voided (cancelled). No cash or stock movements are recorded against voided sales - they are retained in Panacea for reference purposes only.

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