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Stocktakes (also known as stock counts) can be performed as often as you like on any subset of your products (including your entire product list).
Please note that stock levels are only updated when the stocktake is completed (see below) and stock levels can change while you are preforming your stocktake (if done during business hours), so do take this into account before you complete the count.
Stocktakes cannot be 'undone', so please be careful to check that you've entered everything accurately before completing each stocktake.  If you make a mistake then these can be corrected with a follow-up stocktake (just include the products that need to be corrected).
It pays to save stocktakes regularly as you go to avoid losing your changes.
To access stocktake functionality, simply click 'Stocktake' under the 'Products' menu:

Previously created stocktakes will be listed, as illustrated below:

Printing and Exporting Stocktakes

You can print stocktakes directly from the stocktake menu (see image above) by clicking on the printer icon next to the required stocktake. You can open any of the stocktakes by clicking on them, as illustrated below.  To print or export the stocktake to PDF simply click on the appropriate icon to the top right of the screen.

Creating and Editing Stocktakes

Create a stocktake using the green '+' sign in the top right hand corner of the Stocktakes screen.  The 'New Stocktake' screen will appear, as below:

You can change the name to anything you like - best make it descriptive so it can be easily recognised later.
Notes are optional.
Valid statuses of the stocktake are:

  •  Open:  The stocktake is open and can be edited

  • Completed:  The stocktake has been completed and inventory values saved.

  • Cancelled:  The stocktake has been cancelled and no changes were applied to stock levels.

To count items first you need to add them to the stocktake.  You can manually search for the product using product name, SKU or even supplier name using the product search box, or you can simply scan the product barcode.
Click on the required product from the drop-down list:

If you want to include auto populate products into the stocktake (giving you a list of products to count) then simply click the 'Auto Populate' button at the top right of the screen:

You can then choose to either add all products in your product database, or individual groups and categories. You can add multiple groups or categories - just keep using the 'Auto Populate' button until you've added all you need.

Panacea will display all of the products included in your stocktake, including the 'Expected' number in stock.  You can remove products from the stocktake by clicking on the red trash can on the appropriate line.

You'll see a number of helpers that display:

  • Inner and outer sizes (so you don't have to calculate these yourself while doing your count)

  • The value of stock on hand

  • The value of any stock variance

To enter the quantity of items counted, simply click the number in the 'Counted' column for that product, enter the desired quantity and hit Enter.  Note that you can edit this value as much as you like, which is useful if stock is stored at various locations around the clinic (such as in-store and in the store room) and will be counted in batches.

Panacea allows you to enter the number of inners, outers and individual units counted for the product.

Completing or Cancelling the Stocktake

Don't forget to complete your stocktake to update inventory levels.
To complete or cancel the stocktake, click 'Status' and select the desired option from the drop-down list:

Remember that, like all changes, the status is not updated until the stocktake is saved.
You will be asked to confirm your selection before the stocktake is saved and (if you've chosen to complete the stocktake) stock levels are updated.

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