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Ad-hoc Client Communications

Use Panacea's reminders functionality to stay in contact with customers

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How often have you had to look up a customer's mobile phone number or email address to you can send them an SMS text message or email?

Panacea's reminders functionality provides a secure, reliable method for sending these ad-hoc communications and provides a range of benefits:

  • You can use templates to reduce the amount of data entry (and typo's) required for common message types (e.g. sending out lab results, etc.)

  • Communications can be scheduled to occur at any time in the future

  • Communications are stored with the client and patient records (as appropriate) so you can easily view previous communications with the client.  No more losing these important communications.

  • You don't have to fumble around trying to find the contact details for your client - simply choose the patient or the client and Panacea will automatically use the correct contact detail from the corresponding client record.

Please note that Panacea currently allows only one email per client for automated comms. However, you can get around this by adding another email to the notes section of the client's profile and copy/pasting into the 'To' section when sending the email.

For full instructions on how to create and manage ad-hoc client communications please refer to the reminders help page, or contact us for further assistance.

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