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Consultation Templates

Power up your consult notes and sales!

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Consultation templates allow you to insert rich (formatted) text and pre-formulated sales directly into the any consultation.
This powerful, easy to use feature helps to cut down data entry while reducing typo's and improving the quality of your consult notes.  The addition of product items also helps to make creating consultation sales faster and more accurate while helping to avoid missed charges.
This article covers consultation templates - there is also a separate Help Centre article for communications templates.

In future Panacea will support the use of variables in consultation templates, but for now only rich text (including tables) is supported.
Access consultation templates by clicking on Templates > Templates from the left hand navigation menu, then click the 'Consultations' tab, as illustrated below.

From here you can:

  • Search for templates by name or description - just start typing into the 'search' field

  • Add new templates (click the green '+')

  • View templates by clicking on their title

  • View details of any of the listed template categories by clicking on them

  • Edit or delete a template by clicking either the pencil or the trash can icon next to it

Creating and Editing Consultation Templates

To create a template, click the '+' icon at the top right of the screen.

The template editor, which opens when you create or edit a template, is illustrated below.

Options available via the template editor are:

  • Name - Give the template a meaningful and recognisable name. You will select the template using this name, so you want it to be something unambiguous. 

  • Status - Active (default) means the template can be used in consultations. Suspended means the template is not available for use.

  • Description - Optional, appears in the template view only.

  • Category - Optional, allows you to group templates by categories you define.

  • Template Body - Supports the use of rich text, including tables.

Set the above options as desired and then enter the required rich text into the template body.  Don't forget to save your template after editing using the green save icon at the top right of the screen.

Adding Products to the Consultation Template

Add products to the consultation template to allow those products to be inserted directly into the consultation sale.
To add products to the template, simply search for them by name or SKU using the search box in the 'Sale' section of the template, as illustrated below.

Select which products you wish to add to the template and adjust the quantity and discount fields as appropriate.
Panacea will always add products to the sale at their current sell price, but you can choose to apply a line-item discount via this feature.

Inserting Templates Into Consultations

To insert a template into your consultation notes, simply position the cursor at the required point in notes section of the consultation record (i.e. where you want the template to be inserted), then select the required template from the drop-down menu directly above the notes section:

Then click Insert to insert the template into the consultation notes, as illustrated below:

You can now edit any aspect of the consultation notes, including the template that you've just inserted, using the text editor.  You can insert as many templates as you like into the consult notes.
As well as inserting the template into the consultation notes, the template will also insert your selected products (if any) into the consultation sale, as illustrated below.  You can still modify the sale as normal, even after the template has been used.

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