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Creating and Managing Staff Signatures
Creating and Managing Staff Signatures

Use handwritten signatures in handouts and other communications

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Panacea makes it really easy to include a handwritten signature on handouts, emails or other client communications.

To use signatures, simply use the USER_SIGNATURE variable in your templates.

In this section we look at how to create and manage staff signatures.

Creating Staff Signatures

Users can only create and manage their own signatures. Only admins can create signatures for other users.

To create a signature, simply navigate to the staff member record (click SETTINGS - Staff and select the staff member from the list) and click the 'edit' pencil to open the record for editing.

Then simply click the signature icon to (see below) to capture a new signature.

This will open the 'Capture signature' window. Use your mouse to draw your signature within the signature pad. It may take a few attempts to get it just right - simply click 'CLEAR' to erase your previous attempt if you want to have another go at it.

Once you're happy with your signature click 'SAVE' to save it against the user account.

Deleting or Replacing Staff Signatures

To delete a signature simply click the trash can icon next to the stored signature. To replace it just click on the signature icon, create a new one and save it (as above) - your new signature will overwrite your previous one.

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