Your Panacea subscription will be charged to your nominated credit card on a monthly basis.  You will receive an email after each successful or unsuccessful payment attempt.
During your free trial period there is no need to have a credit card number on file, although you will need to enter your credit card details before your first billing date if you wish to continue using the application.
If at any time a charge to your credit card fails then we'll automatically re-try the payment 1, 3 and finally 5 days after the payment date.
After the third failed payment your subscription will be suspended, so please get in touch with our support team early if you have any problems with your subscription.

Viewing Your Subscription

View your subscription by clicking Settings >> Enterprise

Your subscription details are listed in the 'Subscription' section.

Viewing and Editing Billing Details

Only the Account Owner can access billing details for the enterprise.  These are accessed by clicking Settings >> Billing.

Subscription Page

This shows your subscription in more detail, including:

  • Subscription status

  • Duration of current billing period

  • The number of SMS messages sent since your last invoice - these will be charged to your next bill

Invoices Page

Allows you to view and print all invoices against your account.

Billing Page

Allows you to add and manage credit cards associated with your account.  Panacea will automatically use the credit card marked as default (signified by the green 'tick') when processing payments.

To make a credit card default simply click the grey tick next to it.

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