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Creating and Managing User Accounts
Creating and Managing User Accounts

Create and manage user accounts within Panacea

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Panacea makes it easy to create and manage user accounts. We recommend that every Panacea user within your organisation has their own account and that everyone has a secure password that's known only to them.

User accounts are managed under Settings - Staff. Here you'll find a list of all of the user accounts within your enterprise:

You should disable accounts that are not in use and delete accounts when staff members leave to prevent unauthorised access to your Panacea environment.

Creating and Editing User Accounts

To create a new user, click the green '+' in the top right hand corner. To edit an existing user click the edit pencil to the right of their name. Either option will open the 'Edit' user window where you can add/change user details.

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Settings of note include:

Access Settings

Access settings define what role the user has, the status of their account and whether they are available for online bookings. We recommend restricting users to the minimum role necessary for them to do their jobs - for a description of roles view the help article here.


If you have more than one clinic in your environment then you can use this section to control which clinics the given user can log in to, as well as their home (default clinic).

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