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Cash Up Report

Quick and effortless cash up

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The cash up report summarises all sales for the given reporting period (by default this is the current day), including all payments received by payment type.  This report is ideal for cashing up at the end of the day (or the end of the week, depending on how your clinic operates).

Panacea will, by default, display 10 sales per page in the cash up report (you can adjust this using the 'Rows per page' control at the bottom of the page).
The totals at the bottom right of the screen are for the entire reporting period, irrespective of whether or not all invoices are displayed on screen.
All sales from the selected date range are included in the report when printed or exported.

Accessing the Cash Up Report

Access the cash up report by clicking Analytics >> Cash Up.  You can change the date range for the report using the 'From' and 'To' boxes at the top left of the screen.

The Cash Up Report Explained

Invoice List

The top section of the report lists all invoices raised during the selected date range, including:

  • Date of the sale

  • Invoice number

  • Client (if recorded)

  • Total amount of the invoice

  • Total paid against this invoice


The following totals are listed below the list of invoices:

  • Total lists the tax-inclusive totals for 'Total Amount' and 'Total Paid' for all sales during the period.

  • Tax Included lists the total amount of tax included in these values.

Totals by Payment Type

Total amounts received by payment type are included at the bottom of the cash up report.  This is useful for reconciling payments actually received (cash, electronic payments, cheques, etc.) with payments recorded in Panacea.

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