Aged Receivables Report

See at a glance which clients owe you money and from when

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The aged receivables report lists all clients who have outstanding accounts with you, including the age of each debt.  This is useful when debt collecting or when trying to assess the credit risk of clients.

The aged receivables report will only show invoices that have been processed as 'On Account' so that this tells Panacea that these clients have outstanding balances and the invoices are needing to be paid.

Accessing the Aged Receivables Report

Access the aged receivables report by clicking Analytics > Aged Receivables.  All clients with outstanding balances will be automatically listed.

The Aged Receivables Report Explained

The aged receivables report includes the following columns (all amounts are tax-inclusive):

  • Client Name

  • Month Columns show the total value of invoices raised during each of the months listed.  This allows you to see at a glance the general age of each amount that the client owes.

  • Older shows the total value of invoices raised before the months listed in the month columns.

  • Total shows the total value of unpaid invoices for this client.

Clicking on any of the values associated with the client will take you to the sales page for that client, filtered to show on account transactions.

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