Consultation Categories

Categorise, organise and better report upon consultations

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Consultation categories allow you to group consultations by type.  This not only allows you to view all consultations of a particular type with a click of the mouse, it will also be used in Panacea's upcoming reporting functionality.
Access consultation categories by clicking Consultations >> Categories:

A window similar to the following will appear:

Edit or delete the existing categories using the appropriate icons next to each category.

Viewing Consultations by Category

To view consultations by category, simply click on the selected category, then click 'Consultations' in the window that appears, as pictured below.  All consultations of that category will be listed.

You can search this filtered list of consultations and/or filter it using status and date criteria.

Creating Consultation Categories

To create new consultation categories, simply click the green '+' at the top right of the Consultation Categories screen.  The New Category window will appear, as below.

Enter a name and an optional description for this new category and click Save.  Your new category has now been created and is ready for use.

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