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Sales - Draft, Open, Finalised and Completed
Sales - Draft, Open, Finalised and Completed
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Sales Toolbar

The toolbar below appears in the sale window or to the right of each sale in the Sales view. Note that this toolbar is context sensitive, meaning buttons will be displayed or hidden based on the status of the sale and the role of the user accessing it.

Open sale (associated with a consultation):

A red x and blue circle

Description automatically generated

Buttons (from left to right):

  • Xero sync status icon (displayed if you have connected our integration) - Grey: Not synced, Yellow: Sync in progress, Red: Syncing error and Blue: Synced successfully.

  • Open consultation associated with this sale

  • Edit the sale

  • Void (cancel) the sale

  • Refresh the sale on screen (useful if someone has edited the sale from a different session)

  • Email the sale

  • Print the sale

  • Export the sale to PDF

An open sale is one that has not yet been fully paid.

There are two types of open sales:

Draft open sale

These open sales do not have any payments or stock movements made against them and can be edited at any time.

Finalised open sale

These open sales will have payment(s) (including any prepayments used) and stock movements made against them. Although a payment has been made, these sales will not be posted to the client's account. For these sales, we recommend processing the outstanding balance to the client's account using the On account method as illustrated in our On Account Payments article [].

Note: A sale cannot be edited once it is finalised.

Completed sale (not associated with a consultation):

A picture containing logo, symbol, font, screenshot

Description automatically generated

You’ll notice a few of the same options available once a sale is marked as completed.

Completed sales (sales that have no balance outstanding) will also automatically lock so that further edits and payments can’t be made. You’ll notice a red padlock appear in this instance, however this is only visible if you’ve got admin or manager privileges. Completed sales are also unable to be voided, although you can ‘unlock’ these if you need to make alterations (as below).

Note: If the sale is associated with a consultation, a blue stethoscope will also be visible. Clicking this will direct you to the consultation that the sale was generated from.

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