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Payments and Completing a Sale
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To start processing a payment, you must first make sure you are in edit mode. To enter edit mode, click the pencil icon next to the sale

After clicking the edit icon, a blue Pay icon will appear. Click this and the payment window will appear as below.

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Part payments

Panacea allows you to accept full or part payments using various payment types. Each of the payment types that you have configured for your enterprise will be listed, plus the 'On Account' payment method (provided the client’s On Account setting has been enabled), as illustrated below.

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The total amount of the sale is automatically listed. If the client tenders a different amount then simply enter the amount tendered and press the button corresponding to the chosen payment method.

If the amount tendered is less than the total amount of the sale, the remaining amount owing will appear, allowing you to receive additional payment(s).

If the amount tendered is more than the total amount of the sale, you will be prompted to provide change to the client, as illustrated below. Select the appropriate payment type for providing change (this will generally be cash).

There is no function to apply a credit to the client from this screen - Please refer to Prepayments [] for this.

It can also be useful to make a note of the transaction here for future reference.

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Completing a sale

Once a payment has been made against the open sale or the open sale has been charged to the customer's account, you won't be able to modify the contents of the sale and Panacea will recognise this as a finalised sale.

To charge open sales to a client's account, refer to our On Account Payments [] article. Here, we also discuss Panacea's on account functionality.

Once the balance on the sale has been paid in full, Panacea will automatically mark the sale as completed. Completed sales are unable to be edited, however, admin role types do have the ability to 'unlock' these.

If you realise you've made a mistake with a finalised sale or you would like to unlock a completed sale, please refer to the removing payments section of this article below.

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