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IDEXX Integration
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IDEXX Integration

Panacea offers full integration with IDEXX making it easier for you to order and view your lab work. Best of all, integrating with IDEXX takes less than 10 minutes.

This page provides an overview on setting up and using IDEXX Integration

​Please remember that Panacea’s support experts are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us using the support link in the Panacea application if you ever require assistance.

What is IDEXX integration

IDEXX integration supports the automated synchronisation of laboratory test ordering and result reporting with Panacea. This integration ensure that tests that are ordered are invoiced and results are attached to patients' clinical records within panacea meaning importantly no missed charges and no lost lab results!

Let's Get Started

“Setting up the IDEXX Integration”

  • Access the IDEXX Integration page by going Settings - Clinics and selecting your clinic.

  • Open the Integration option and select the IDEXX green plus button.

  • You will need to log into the integration using your IDEXX VetConnect PLUS account details

  • You will then need to add a supplier, you can use an existing Panacea supplier or create a new one, once you have your login details and the supplier details entered click the save button in the top right hand corner. This Supplier manages test details, stock, pricing and markup.

  • Your IDEXX Integration is now going to sync, once it has finished the status will change to synched. This syncs the IDEXX tests, breeds, species and genders with Panacea’s and may take a few minutes. Once it is complete you will see the five tabs in the integration header

“Linking Products to IDEXX Tests”

To use your new IDEXX Integration you will need to sync the tests in the IDEXX system to products in your Panacea system. There are two ways to perform this - either by creating a new product or linking it to one of your lab test products associated with your existing Panacea Supplier.

  • In the IDEXX Integration select the TESTS tab, this will supply you with a list of test options. These are the tests available in the IDEXX system.

  • To sync a product to a listed test option select the test you want to use and;

    • click the green plus button to add a new test and accept the new details,


  • Click the edit (pencil) button to link it with a lab test product from an existing Panacea supplier. For example this would be an IDEXX test that already exists in your system.

  • Once you have linked products to the IDEXX tests you will see them as active products in the TESTS tab and they are now ready to be used. You can see in our example below the active tests - 1080 Bait & 25-OHmHydroxyvitamin D.

Congratulations - You have set up your tests profile in Panacea that is linked with the available tests in IDEXX and you should now be ready to start to use your new IDEXX integration.

Please refer to our other IDEXX support documents on how to order tests etc.

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