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Ordering an IDEXX test
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Ordering an IDEXX test

Panacea offers full integration with IDEXX making it easier for you to order and view your lab work.

This page provides an overview on ordering a test from Panacea via your IDEXX VetConnect PLUS

​Please remember that Panacea’s support experts are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us using the support link in the Panacea application if you ever require assistance.

What is IDEXX integration

IDEXX integration supports the automated synchronisation of laboratory test ordering and result reporting with Panacea. This integration ensures that tests that are ordered are invoiced and results are attached to patients' clinical records within Panacea importantly meaning no missed charges and no lost lab results!

Let's Get Started:

Ordering Tests in VetConnect PLUS Using Your IDEXX Integration

Tests can be ordered either when you make a sale with a linked product or directly from the Labs tab.

“Ordering tests from the Labs tab”

  • To order tests in the Labs tab go to the Labs Tab in Panacea and select the green plus button to create a new order

  • Enter the name, client name and patient names.

  • Select the sale switcher in the top right hand corner to add an invoice

  • Add your linked IDEXX product in the Sale block

  • Save your test order and then reopen the file

  • And select send and confirmation

  • This will bring a pop up to check all of the details are correct.

  • Click Order to send the test to the Lab. NB test will not be visible in Idexx VetConnect PLUS until it is ORDERED from this window.

  • When the test is back a new file will be created in the order .

  • The last step is to edit the test and change the status to complete. This is a useful step to use for example as confirmation that the client has been informed of the test results and no further actions are needed.

“Ordering tests from an invoice”

  • To order tests in an invoice simply select the linked IDEXX product

  • Save your invoice and follow the steps above to submit the test to IDEXX VetConnect Plus.

Editing and cancelling an Idexx Test

Editing a test:

Prior to pushing ORDER and while the status remains as OPEN a test can be edited - changed or extra tests added to the request.

Once the Idexx test has been ORDERED the status will be set as SENT

The order requisition file will be visible in the results block here. You can open this file by clicking on the record.

Cancelling a test

The order can also be cancelled before the Status changes to PENDING by clicking on the ‘X’ here

Followed by this pop up:

Pending Status

Once a request reaching the PENDING Status it cannot be cancelled

Test Results

The Status changes from PENDING to RECEIVED once the results have been received by the Panacea system.

By clicking on the Order in the results block the following window opens showing the original Requisition and the Result report.

The result will now be attached to the sale in the patient record.

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