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Online Appointment Bookings Overview
Online Appointment Bookings Overview

Learn how you can set up online bookings in less than 10 minutes.

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Panacea is the only vet practice management system in the world that allows you to take online bookings via your web site or even via your clinic's Facebook page.  Best of all, setting up online bookings takes less than 10 minutes.

This page provides an overview on setting up and using online appointment bookings.  Please refer to the other pages of this section for more in-depth instructions on the various aspects of online bookings.

Please remember that Panacea's support experts are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us using the support link in the Panacea application if you ever require assistance.

Online Bookings:  How They Work

Panacea provides you with a widget that you can embed into your web site and into your clinic's Facebook page.  This widget allows clients to make, and to manage, bookings online.

The widget looks a little something like this:

Bookings are made in real time, meaning the client only sees appointment slots that are available and an unconfirmed booking is made in your schedule the second the client saves it.

Everything about online appointment bookings has been designed to be simple and easy to use - both for you and for your clients.

To keep things simple Panacea does not require clients (even existing clients) to log in - they simply have to provide their contact details, a reason for the appointment and the date and time they'd like to come in and that's it!

New online bookings appear as unconfirmed appointments in your Dashboard and in your schedule.  You'll also receive an email (sent to your clinic's default email address) informing you that a new online booking has been made.

Once a client has booked an appointment online they can find and manage that booking, including changing the date and time of the booking or cancelling it altogether.

Finding Available Appointment Times

Panacea dynamically generates a list of available appointment times that it offers to clients using the online booking widget.  It will only offer appointments at times when the clinic is open, has elected to accept online bookings and when a vet (or other nominated staff member) is available.

Online bookings will only be made with staff members who are configured to accept them, as designated by a small purple circle to the right of their name in the Schedule:

For a more detailed description of how Panacea finds and presents available appointment times, please refer to the Clinic Schedules for Online Bookings article in this section.

Online Bookings:  You're In Control

Panacea gives you full control over where, when and how you accept online bookings.  You decide which staff online bookings can be assigned to, as well as which rooms they can be assigned to and the times at which they can be made.

You can, of course, modify online bookings after they are made, including changing vet, room, etc.

Let's Get Started!

You can be up and running and accepting online bookings in only 10 minutes.  Here's a checklist of what you need to do to get up and running - more detailed instructions are available in the associated articles in this section:

  1. Create or edit an email template to use for online appointment bookings.  This is the email that clients will receive when they make or change an appointment booking online.

  2. Edit the Online Appointments settings for your clinic to determine whether you'll accept 'same day' online appointment bookings and to choose the booking email template (as created/edited above).

  3. Create an opening hours roster for your clinic's online availability.  Clients will only be able to book appointments during these periods.

  4. Enable online bookings for the staff who you want to be able to accept online bookings.  Panacea will automatically assign online appointment bookings to staff who are able to accept online bookings if they are available in the selected time slot.

  5. Enable online bookings for the rooms for which you want to be able to accept online bookings.  Panacea will automatically assign online appointment bookings to rooms that are able to accept online bookings if they are available in the selected time slot.

  6. Copy your clinic's 'Embed Code' for online appointments and either add this to your web site and Facebook page.

And that's it! Your clients can now book and manage their own appointments online via your web site and Facebook page.

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