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Create or Edit Online Booking Email Template
Create or Edit Online Booking Email Template

Email notification settings for online appointment bookings

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Panacea will automatically send an email confirmation to clients who book appointments online.  Email notifications are sent using the template you specify and Panacea attaches an 'iCalendar' file to the confirmation so clients can save the appointment directly into their calendar.

Here's an example of the type of confirmation email that your clients will receive when they book or modify an appointment online:

Creating or Modifying the Online Booking Template

The online booking template is simply an email template - you can use any email template that you choose.  Panacea includes a default booking template and you can either edit this to meet your requirements or create a new one.

For more information about creating and editing email templates, please refer to the Communications Templates article on this site.  For the purposes of this article we'll just cover some of the guidelines for creating an effective booking template.

Don't forget that, until an online appointment booking has been confirmed, there is no client or patient assigned to the appointment, so you won't be able to use client or patient tags (such as '{CLIENT_FULL_NAME}') in your template.  Once the appointment has been confirmed the client will receive an appointment reminder as normal and this will have client and patient details if these are included in your reminder template.

The default Panacea online booking confirmation template looks a little like this:

The word 'here' is hyperlinked to the {APPOINTMENT_URL}, as per the screenshot below.  This allows the client to easily access the online booking with a single click:

Selecting an Online Booking Email Template

Select an online booking email template via the settings tab on the clinic screen.  The selected template is listed next to 'Email Template', as illustrated below.

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