You have complete control over when Panacea will accept online appointment bookings from your clients.
This is controlled in two places:

  1. At the clinic level, where you define the 'Working Hours' for the clinic.

  2. At the staff level, where you define the 'Working Hours' for each individual staff member.

For detailed instructions on setting clinic and staff-level schedules, please refer to the Clinic & Staff Schedules user guide.
To define when online bookings will be accepted you need to create one or more 'Online Available' schedules under the 'Opening Hours' tab for your clinic, as illustrated below:

You must also have one or more staff who are enabled for online bookings, as illustrated below.

Please note that schedules set under the 'Working Hours' tab can restrict whether or not the user is available to accept online bookings.  Please refer to the Clinic & Staff Schedules section for more information on setting staff schedules.

Panacea will automatically build a list of available appointment times based on the availability of staff (as definied by Clinic & Staff Schedules) and your default appointment duration (the latter being controlled under clinic settings). 

The snippet below shows a list of times presented to the client via the online booking widget.  The clinic has chosen to accept online bookings from 8AM and it has a default appointment duration of 25 minutes.

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