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Setup Online Bookings via the Web

Add your widget to any web site to accept online bookings in an instant

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Panacea allows you to accept online bookings via any web site by simply adding a snippet of code to that site.  Remember you can accept bookings via your web site and your Facebook page - check out the separate article in this section for advice on adding the booking widget to Facebook.

As always, we're here to help.  If you need advice or if you get stuck then don't hesitate to contact Panacea tech support using the Support link in the app.

Page Formatting

The Panacea online booking widget has been designed to blend in with your web site or Facebook page.  It has minimal formatting, allowing you to add your own formatting and instruction text around it.

Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is what most web sites use to allow you to make changes to the site without having to manually edit complex HTML files.
There are numerous popular CMS products out there and no two are quite the same, although most CMS files will allow you to directly edit the HTML code for a given page on your web site.

The example below uses WordPress, one of the most popular CMS products on the web, but the method of adding the widget code to your page are more or less the same regardless of what CMS you use.

Accessing Your Widget Code

Panacea automatically generates the code for your online booking widget and makes this available via the Online Appointments section of the clinic settings tab (click Settings --> Clinics and then select the Settings tab):

Click Show to display the embed code for your online booking widget and click Copy to copy this code to the clipboard.

You can now paste your widget code into your web page.

Adding Your Widget to Your Web Page

Using your CMS, edit the page that you want to insert your widget into.  As I'm using WordPress, I just click on the 'Edit Page' icon, as illustrated below:

Once you've started the CMS editor, you need to edit the HTML code for the page.  In WordPress I simply click on the 'Text' tab, as below.

Now just paste your widget embed code into the page at the required position.  In our example we have added the code between the two highlighted pointy brackets:

Note that we have made a couple of tweaks to the widget embed code for formatting purposes:

  1. We added the tag '<p style="text-align: center;">' to centre the widget on screen

  2. We changed the width and height of the widget from '100%' to 900 and 500 pixels accordingly. 


Now simply save and publish your web page and that's it!  You're now up and running and accepting bookings in real time via your web site.

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