Setup Online Bookings via Facebook

Enable online bookings via your clinic's Facebook page

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Panacea allows your clients to book and manage appointments via your Facebook page.  It only takes minutes to set up and configure.

Check out our Facebook page to see how this works for yourself - you can even make a booking directly into our demo system.

Remember you can accept bookings via your web site and your Facebook page - check out the separate article in this section for advice on adding the booking widget to your web site.

As always, we're here to help.  If you need advice or if you get stuck then don't hesitate to contact Panacea tech support using the Support link in the app.


Before you get started you'll need a Facebook page for your clinic.  These are free and only take a few minutes to set up - please refer to for information on setting up a page for your clinic.

We recommend creating a Facebook page using the 'Business' template, as per Facebook's instructions.

Please note that Facebook may restrict the ability to add custom widgets to your page based on how many followers you have and/or other factors. Pancea is unable to control these factors, but please do reach out to us for advice if you have any trouble following the steps below.

Accessing Your Widget Code

Panacea automatically generates the code for your online booking widget and makes this available via the Online Appointments section of the clinic settings tab (click Settings --> Clinics and then select the Settings tab):

Click Show to display the embed code for your online booking widget and click Copy to copy this code to the clipboard.

You can now paste your widget code into your Facebook page.

Installing and Configuring Static HTML

We will use the third party 'Static HTML' application to add your booking widget to your Facebook page.

Note that this involves adding a third party app to your Facebook page, so the screenshots below may look slightly different to what you experience during installation.

To add Static HTML, use the search box at the top of any Facebook page and type "Static HTML".  Find the 'Static HTML: iframe tabs' app in the 'Apps' section and click 'Use Now', as highlighted below (note, you want the one with 'Apps for Pages' listed beneath it):

Click the green button on the following page, as below. 

The following page will appear.  Select the page that you want to add Static HTML to from the drop-down box and click 'Add Page Tab'.

You will be directed back to your clinic's Facebook page and the following message.  Click 'Set up tab':

You will be presented with the following window.  

Delete all of the text in the box below 'index.html', paste in your widget code, as illustrated below.

We don't recommend using the 'Enable on mobile devices' function at this time.  Facebook does not currently support viewing tabs on Mobile devices, so your online booking functionality will only be available to clients who access your Facebook page via a web browser.

Click Save & Publish to save the updated tab - the 'Save & Publish' button should change to read 'All saved', as below.

You can now click on 'View on Facebook' to view your booking widget on your Facebook page.  Here's how ours looks after this step:

Renaming the Bookings Tab

Great!  We're almost finished - finally we want to give the online booking tab a more meaningful name and to make it more prominent.  We want clients to be able to identify it easily.

To do so, click Settings at the top right hand corner of the page, then click Edit Page.

You can now reorder the tabs on your page by dragging and dropping them using the grid illustrated below.  In this example we've moved our 'Welcome' tab to the top to make it most prominent:

Next click Settings to the right of 'Welcome' and then click Edit Settings to bring up the settings box for this tab, as below:

Change the 'Custom tab name' to something of your choosing.  We recommend using a call to action, such as 'Book Now!' or 'Book online!'

Click OK to save the tab settings.


And that's it!  Your clients can now book and manage their appointments via your Facebook page.  Here's how ours looks after following this simple procedure:

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