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Online Appointments: What Clients See
Online Appointments: What Clients See

Your clients will find it easy to book and manage appointments online

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Panacea's online appointment booking and management functionality has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and administer.

There's no client user guide for online bookings.  The interface is so intuitive that they don't need one.

This section provides an overview of what your client sees when they book and manage their appointments via your web site or your Facebook page.  The client experience is the same regardless of the channel (Facebook or the web) that they use, so the screenshots below are valid for either option.

First Look at the Online Booking Widget

Here's how the online booking widget appears when your client visits your web site or Facebook page:


  • The name of your clinic is listed in the top left hand corner.

  • 'New Appointment' appears after the clinic name to remind the client that they are creating a new appointment.

  • The client can click on 'Find Appointment' at the top right hand corner of the widget to find an existing appointment (see screenshot below)

  • Panacea will automatically propose a date and time for the booking based on the current date and time, and whether or not you've elected to receive online bookings on the same day as the appointment.

Making a Booking

To make a booking the client simply enters his or her details, selects an available appointment date and time and clicks Book Now:

The client will receive a confirmation that the appointment has been booked, as well as a summary of the details entered:

The client will also receive an email confirming the receipt of the booking, including a link for changing or cancelling that appointment.

Finding and Modifying Appointments

The client can find appointments that they have made online either by clicking the link included in the confirmation email or by searching for the appointment in the online booking widget.

To find an existing appointment using the online booking widget, the client simply clicks Find Appointment, enters the appointment code and clicks Find Appointment:

The appointment confirmation is displayed.  From here they can click Change or Cancel Appointment.

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