We're really excited to bring you version 4.6 of Panacea.  It includes a bunch of tweaks and improvements and a couple of big new features.  These include: 

  • The Taskpad!

  • Voice dictation for medical notes in consultations

  • An improved 12-hour timepicker - makes picking times that much easier

  • Master problems are now on the consultations table - if you're not familiar with how we use master problems then we definitely recommend reading up on these

  • Improved notices and error messages when sending reminders

  • Xero Integration updates.  External transactions will not be included in Panacea's Cashup report (analytics).  External payments will have blue stripes to distinguish them from cash payments

Weve also implemented some nice little interface improvements:

  • Expand button (for lists) is now hidden if there is nothing to expand

  • Expand All button will be disabled when nothing can be expanded

  • Timepickers will now automatically switch between hours and minutes when you use them.

We really hope you like these updates - look out for the next release, which will include a bunch of improvements as requested by you!


It gives us great pleasure to announce the taskpad, as it's been one of our most requested features to date.
The taskpad allows you to quickly and easily create, schedule, assign and manage tasks across your clinic.  You can assign tasks to yourself, to other staff members or to the clinic at large (i.e. for someone else to pick up).
Like the rest of Pancea, Taskpad has been designed to be quick and easy to use, but also really powerful.  Check out the Taskpad user guide here

Voice Dictation (beta)

Voice dictation allows you to enter text using the spoken word rather than your keyboard.  It can save you a lot of time when entering consult notes and you'll be surprised at how accurate it can be.
Currently voice dictation is in beta, so we're still perfecting it and it's only available when entering medical notes in the consultation screen.  Expect it to improve and become available in more text fields over time.
Voice dictation uses Google's artificial intelligence engine, so it's always learning and improving.
You can read all about this exciting new feature on the voice dictation (beta) support page.

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