We've been hard at work behind the scenes to upgrade some of the components of Panacea to keep it running smoothly. This includes a bunch of upgrades and bugfixes you might not noticed, but we did manage to sneak in a couple of improvements that you might notice:

Selectively Add Products to Stocktakes

Previously Panacea only gave you the ability to autofill all products into your stocktake. This was great if you wanted to do a full stocktake (and make sure you didn't miss anything), but not so useful if you just wanted to count products in a particular product group or category.

You now have the option of adding products to your stocktake manually (one at a time), adding all products or adding individual groups or categories of products. Or any combination of the above!

Download as much data as you like, whenever you like

Previously Panacea restricted you to downloading only a couple of hundred rows of data (when exporting to CSV) at a time. This was to protect our database against the performance issues that can result if multiple customers choose to download large data sets simultaneously.

We've improved this data export functionality so that data is now 'streamed' to your computer when you export large data sets to CSV file. This means you can now download as many rows as you like, whenever you like.

Add new breeds to your dictionary from the 'Patient' screen

Previously Panacea required you to add animal breeds to the breeds dictionary before you could use those breeds in the 'Patient' screen. Now Panacea will automatically add new breeds to the dictionary when you enter a breed name it doesn't recognise.

Signatures on Handouts now based on 'Seen By'

With version 4.8 we introduced electronic signatures, but we did make a bit of an error in how these were displaying in instances when the vet has seen the patient, but someone else takes the payment - the latter's signature was showing on any resulting handouts, etc.

With 4.8.1 we've corrected this - the signature on handouts, etc. will be based on the 'Seen By' field for that sale.

Disabled Editing of On Account Sales

Previously Panacea allowed you to continue to edit sales, even after they'd been charged to the customers' account (i.e. after the sale had been saved as 'on account'). Due to limitations with the Xero API, which does not allow invoices to be freely edited once they have been transmitted, we've had to remove this ability.

This means that, once an invoice is charged to the customers account it will become 'read only' - you can accept payments on the invoice, but not change its contents.

If you need to modify an on account invoice you will need to void it and recreate it.

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