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Xero Integration - Common Syncing Issues
Xero Integration - Common Syncing Issues

Having trouble getting invoices to sync? Here are some common issues that you might run into.

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Panacea's syncing capabilities with Xero are simple yet strong - however, there's always a chance that something may not be set up correctly, causing the two systems to have trouble communicating.

You might find yourself with an error like this:

This is the generic error we get if there's a sale that hasn't synced. Try resyncing by clicking the Xero icon from within the sale itself and see what happens/see what the specific error is.

If you find this message, it indicates a Xero integration error (Xero is throwing an error when we try to transmit the sale).

Here are some common issues that could be causing this and our suggested fixes.

What will and won't sync to Xero

Completed/paid sales will not sync to Xero on an individual basis by design - only the day's total will pull through.

Sales that are paid partially on account will sync automatically and open sales can be synced manually by clicking the Xero icon next to them.

What this looks like in practise

If an invoice has been finalised and you want to apply the invoice to the client's account for them to pay off later on, then you should be processing payments as 'on account.' The invoice will then automatically sync to Xero. If the invoice is not finalised, you should not process as an 'on account' transaction, as Xero doesn't allow alterations to be made to on account invoices and will result in you having to void the invoice and then create another.

Enter all your information

Have another read over these two articles and be sure you've covered each step thoroughly:

The setup process has a lot of information to be entered and it all must be correct. If not, the integration can break. For Xero, you will need to have everything set up properly in order for it to give you the option to save in the first place.

Trying to sync more than one clinic to the same Xero account

Integrations are set up on a per-clinic basis, and each clinic can only be connected to one Xero account. Please make sure you have unique Xero accounts for each clinic.

Creating negative invoices / sales amounts

While Panacea recognises negative invoice amounts, Xero does not and will reject these. One alternative would be to create prepayments against the client's account for them to use as a credit.

To do this, click Sales > Payments then use the green '+' to create a prepayment for this amount. Use cash as the payment type and your till will balance again and you'll have a prepayment in the customer's name that you can use against future invoices (effectively a credit).

Archived client in Xero

If you have archived a client in Xero, Panacea will not be able to send invoices through to it. The only fix in this case would be to either re-enable the contact in Xero or create a new client in Panacea (which will force the creation of a new contact in Xero).

Other troubleshooting methods

  • Try saving it as an on account sale and see if we get the same error.

  • Try changing the date to today’s date and re-syncing.

  • Try removing products to see if any one of them is causing the issue.

And if all else fails, please reach out to support for additional troubleshooting.

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