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Getting Started

The cheat sheet for setting up your Panacea environment

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Welcome to Panacea! This cheat sheet contains everything you need to set up your Panacea environment and to get up and running fast.

Accessing Panacea and Logging In

You can use any web browser to access Panacea but we recommend only using Google Chrome. You can install Chrome on just about any device, including computers or portable devices running Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS (iPhones/iPads) and even Linux.

You can download and install Google Chrome here (you only need to do this once on each computer):

You will have been given your unique web address (URL) for Panacea, it's in the format '' where 'customer is unique to your organisation. Everyone in your organisation uses this same address - we recommend bookmarking it (use the star at the top right of Google Chrome) so you can come back to it easily.

We also recommend setting Google Chrome to reopen your active tabs on restart, as this can save time having to reopen everything if your computer restarts. In Chrome go to settings - 'On start-up' and select 'Continue where you left off'.

Adding Your Credit or Debit Card

Add your credit or debit card so Panacea can charge you for your subscription when your free trial ends.

To do so simply click SETTINGS - Billing, click on the 'CARDS' tab and use the green '+' icon to securely add your card details. Panacea uses bank-grade security and we don't ever store your card details, so it's completely safe to add them here.

Only the billing administrator for your enterprise can view this Billing menu item - if you can't see this option then you are not logged in as the billing administrator.

Check Your Enterprise Settings

Enterprise settings are accessed by clicking SETTINGS - Enterprise. Here you define the default timezone, country, currency, measurement units and sales tax rates for your clinic, as explained here.

All of the settings in this section can be modified by admin users, although we recommend checking with us before modifying sensitive settings (such as countries, tax rates, etc.) so we can help you avoid any undesirable/unexpected outcomes.

Create/Modify Organisations and Clinics

Panacea allows admin users to create as many organisations and clinics as required to accurately represent the structure of your organisation. Just remember that you will automatically be charged for each clinic within your organisation.

You will find a more detailed description of the Panacea enterprise, organisations and clinics here.

Configure Sales Taxes, Dispensing Fees and Payment Methods

These settings are accessed by clicking SETTINGS - Sales and clicking on the appropriate tab.

Configure Clinics

Clinic settings include everything from address and contact details to Xero integration.

General Settings

The GENERAL tab contains the name, time zone and contact settings for the clinic, as well as a list of users who can access this clinic. Many of these values will show up on reminder and document templates, so it pays to take a bit of time to check that these are all correct.

Clinic Settings

Here you'll configure everything from the default appointment duration to the document templates that will be used for various document types (handouts, consultations, etc.) Most of the settings are self explanatory and most settings can be left as default.

It is worth pointing out that, by default, Panacea uses the standard document template for invoices. If you want to create a document template specifically for invoices (one that includes account numbers, payment terms, etc.) then it's easy to do so - simply create a document template (see here) and edit the invoices settings to include your invoice layout template, as illustrated below.

Set Clinic Working Hours

Clinic working hours define when your clinic is open for business. Here you set schedules for when the clinic is open ('available') and closed ('unavailable'). You can also set when the clinic is available to accept online bookings.

For more detail on setting up clinic and staff schedules, see here.

Create and Manage Rooms

Create and manage rooms to accurately reflect the various rooms and facilities within the clinic. Here you can also specify which rooms can be used for online bookings.

Configure Product Groups and Categories

Product groups and categories help you to organise your products and services and to create default settings (suppliers, markups, dispensing fees, etc.) for product categories. It's a good idea to get product groups and categories set up how you want them from the start, then you can make sure that all products and services are assigned to the correct group and category.

Check out the article on Creating and Editing Products for more information on this.

Configure Xero Integration

Panacea provides a truly excellent integration with Xero. It's easy to set up and to configure and if you're using Xero we recommend setting up this integration from the beginning. You can find more information about the Xero integration here.

Create Staff Accounts

Every user should have their own login to Panacea. The login details for your first admin account will have been given to you - this user can set up additional users as required.

Note that if you migrated to Panacea from another system there may be existing accounts for your users that were imported from your old system - if so, you'll still need to create new passwords for each user in Panacea.

You'll find instructions for creating and managing staff accounts here.

Configure Online Appointment Bookings

Online appointment bookings take less than 10 minutes to set up and are so easy to use. Online appointments make booking and managing appointments faster and easier for your customers and they can help you to significantly reduce the amount of time you and your team spend on the phone managing appointment bookings.

We dedicate an entire section of the user guide to online appointment bookings - check this out here.

Configure Handout and Consultation Templates

Handout and consultation templates are powerful tools that can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive, mundane tasks, while reducing missed charges and improving overall quality of service.

It is worth investing a bit of time up-front creating and modifying handout and consult templates so they're right for your clinic and for the services you provide. You'll find more information on client handouts here and on consultation templates here.

Configure Appointment and Product Reminders

Appointment and product reminders are vital to any well-run vet clinic. Not only do they help you improve customer retention and reduce appointment no-shows, they help maintain a high standard of care.

Panacea uses an advanced, fully automated reminders system - you just set it up and forget about it. The hard work happens automatically, behind the scenes.

We strongly recommend having a read of the articles about creating and managing reminders and about product reminders and investing a bit of time in setting up and configuring reminders for your clinic.

Set-up Drug Labels

Label printers and labels can be a bit fiddly, so it can take a bit of work to set up drug labels initially, but once they're set up you won't often have to think about them again.

You'll find all the information you need to set up and use drug labels here.

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